Me and my book 2012I have been copy editing and translating for Swedish and Finnish universities, businesses, government agencies, and research companies since 1985. If you are a non-native speaker who has written an article, a blog post, a dissertation, or a thesis in English, I can correct your grammar, punctuation, stylistic level, and word choice. In addition to a BA degree in English, I have a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language awarded by the American Language Institute at San Diego State University. This training has increased my awareness of the most common errors made by non-native speakers and writers and has made me an effective editor. I can improve your English and sharpen your text.

I am currently based in my hometown, San Diego, California. But while living in Sweden, I published the book “Grammar for the Non-Native Speaker” (Oppenheim förlag, 2011), which was written for people who use English for work or study but who do not have English as a native tongue. I was also a guest lecturer in Academic Writing and English grammar at the University of Gothenburg, at Volvo Car Corporation, and at Chalmers University of Technology. In 2014, one of my lectures about English grammar in Swedish was filmed by Swedish Public Service Television. It is now available as an electronic resource at 25 Swedish libraries. ENGLISH GRAMMAR IN SWEDISH

  bokomslag-ny-liten-kopiaE-mail address: d.fronko@gmail.com

Lectures and/or performances:
Multilingual performance May 27, 2014. Galleri Rostrum. Malmö
Moderator April 22, 2014. Litteraturhuset. Gothenburg
Lecture February 10, 2014. Akademisk kvart. Göteborgs stadsbibliotek
Lecture December 11, 2013. LIR. University of Gothenburg
Science Slam November 13, 2013. University of Gothenburg
Lecture October 23, 2013. LIR. University of Gothenburg
Lecture September 5, 2013. School of Global Studies. University of Gothenburg
Lecture August 29, 2013. Chalmers University of Technology

2014 The Swedish Association of Educational Writers (SLFF)
2013 Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse
2013 Längmanska kulturfonden
2011 Wilhelm och Martina Lundgrens Understödsfond


IMG_0449 copy

In Europe, I did some film and television acting and had the honor of working with Alexander Skarsgård in Melancholia (2011, Lars von Trier), in which I play his mother in the wedding party scenes with Kirsten Dunst.  Young European audiences recognize me from the comedy Farsan (2010, Josef Fares), in which I play a yoga fanatic who doesn’t talk about anything else, not even when on a date.

Here is a video clip from Farsan, in Swedish

A list of international film productions I’m in is available on the Internet Movie Database



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  1. Great site! I saw Farsan long before I knew you, what fun now to realize that it was you in it!

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